Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not much of anything doing today. I made a little pair of winter wonderland snow boots. Very simple, but I liked how they looked with no adornments. Cleaned, did laundry, and managed to watch Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull while I sewed and the baby took a nap.

My sons play last night was fantastic, it was so funny, and my son got a round of applause when he ;left the stage. He just had a cameo role, but he managed to ham it up and make the most of the 10 lines he had! I was a very proud Mum! Sadly, we were not allowed to take pics, maybe when i go again on Saturday I can snag some after the show is done.

I was in another treasury today, this one was curated by INeedThat and is a lovely collection of people from Twitter! I really like Twitter a lot, I twitter on and off all day long about random things, and the part I like best is looking at other folks work and giving little thoughts of what might work better. Please take a min and visit INeeedThat in her shop!

Tonight I think I am going to clean up and try and relax and watch some TV. I have been a nervous wreck all day waiting for my pediatrician to call, but, alas she has not. I am guessing she is not too worried if I have not heard from her by now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy day, Busy Night

A friend came for lunch today. I made homemade potato, leek, bacon and cheese soup, it was yummy. My friend is from New Zeland, so a lot of her culture is very similar to mine (I am from the UK) and its fun to be able to talk about things we both know/understand.

My son is in a play, it opens tonight, he plays the role of The Policeman in "The Nitwits," he is a fine young actor, and has a lot of potential. He is turning 13 on the 29th of this month, and growing like a weed, but his high pitched voice is very amusing. My BFF from Maine called today and thought she was talking to my daughter, but it was my oldest son! Too funny!

I started a little pair of Christmas Slippers for girls last night, maybe I will be able to work on them when I get back from Opening Night.

I found myself in some more treasuries that I would like to show you and share with you the lovely folk who put me in them.

I love the red of this treasury, it all pops, and the best thing is it is filled with undiscovered shops. The kind person who picked this is SpiceofLifeDesigns, she has a lovely shop too, so please make sure to pop by and visit it!
This one was curated by Bipsy and is fresh and exciting, and has a multitude of bright colours, and it makes me remember the warm days of summer. Please check out her shop for fun and quirk items!
This one was curated by one of my fav people -- and I have a few -- on etsy, HAREandDRUM, she has the most wonderful collection of items for sale, with paper and wood, and a by-gone-era feel to them. Please stop and take a peek you will not be disappointed that you did!

It is so exciting for me to be in so many treasuries of late. My old shop really did not take off, and I never really felt a part of etsy, this time around, however, I making friends with some really great, good quality people, I enjoy their company, and listening to them twitter about their day.

I am enjoying 1000markets immensely and the vibe it has, its a wonderful community, and I really believe its going to take off and FLY!

Well, I have to go eat and get ready to go to the show, I am super excited, I will blog about it tomorrow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Monday Monday, can't trust that day, Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way"

Why do I have products sitting here and I never get my tush in to gear and post them? That's a thing about myself I find annoying. Although, I think, sometimes, if nothing is selling, and nothing is rushing past you, you lose all sense of urgency and motivation.

I WILL post my Peter Pan shoes today, I will, I will, I will! Ok, MAYBE I will -- ha ha.

OK, so here are two treasuries I found myself in.

This one was created by Earmark and I think it is gorgeous! I was thrilled to be included, and it has such a happy jolly feel to it!

This one is by TaylorsEclectic and I love the bold sassy colours of it. So much fun, and so whimsy.

I made a treasury today and featured some of the kind folk who have been around today when I was feeling blue! Its in treasury west and expires in 2 days.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been so busy I have neglected this lil ol blog!

All this week I have been job hunting for my hubby like crazy! It has been a thankless task. You sit and fill out form after form, some of which take like 10 mins a piece, only to never hear from them again! Ah well, I am sure something will turn up soon -- it HAS to!

Wednesday I delivered $7,000 worth of Pizza to people. Willy Wonka show did a fundraiser to pay for people to come in from Vegas and fly Charlie and Grandpa Joe during the fizzy lifting drink scene. It was crazy, the amount of folk who forgot they had to come pick up their orders, and the abuse I got was astonishing! Well, I figured it would happen, people always shoot the messenger! I delieved the last lot of things today (sunday!)

Friday night we wernt and watched my daughters High Schools football team play, it was the 1st round of the play offs, and the first time in the 4 yrs the school has been open that they made it, and guess what, they WON. we had an awesome time, my daughter played in the band and they kept the crowd and the teams spirits high. It was so much fun to stand up and yell and holler! We will probably go to the next play off game this coming Saturday afternoon!

I made it in to 2 treasuries this weekend, I need to post pics. Thus far my sales are still at ZERO!

I finished working on a bigger sized mushroom boot tonight, but, the baby is sleeping, so I am not going to wake him up right now to try it on, we shall see how it fits in the morning.

I joined twitter last week, that was new, as well as 1000 Markets. You can find me there at . I think I like it better than etsy. It has fewer shops so less competition right now, and I got in on the bottom floor, which means you are more memorable! I have noticed tons of new selling sites opening up! 1000 markets is super friendly and the CEO's are always on hand to answer questions! Quite the personal touch!

Tomorrow I promise to put up some new pics, and to list at least one new "somethin" in my shop. This week we are building:
The Pink Candy boat (Wonkatania)
The Candy Mans Candy Truck
5 light up Golden Tickets
1 extremly oversized narrators book
Sugar sacks, cocoa bean sacks, flour sacks.

I will post pics as we go along.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

..."Tuesday Im in Love ..."

I just finished the sweetest little shoes in a moss green. My daughter says they remind her of Peter Pan and I think she is right. I am starting work on some shoes inspired by the night sky.

One of the exciting things that happened today was I found myself in a treasury. not bad for a shop that has not even been open a week. I was super happy, and very humbled that cbpoole (pls click her name to go to her etsy shop) was kind enough to include me!

I think all the items she chose were adorable, and I am in very good company. This is my first treasury for The Naked Mushroom, and I can't wait to make treasuries myself to include some of the fantastic folk I have met this week.

Another interesting thing was, I made it on to the twitter page called, Ugly Sh*t on Etsy. The Denim corset my husband made was featured, but only for a brief while, till the person behind the twitter account took it down. It didn't bother me one bit, mainly because I know our work at The Naked Mushroom is of high quality and craftsmanship, but also because I know it isn't ugly.
Sure, its not my most favourite piece he has ever made, I much prefer the corduroy corset, but still, its well constructed and looks FAb with a pair of jeans!

I also can't believe how ugly some etsy folk were to others in the thread, it amazed me, and made me feel quite sad. There is enough ugliness in the world without folk going out of their way to be mean just to get their jollies.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another day, another dollar -- or no dollars at all.

This is day 22 of no work for my husband. He did have a webcam interview today though, which is cool, but is kind of weird because, he NEEDS a job, and we need money, bbut, I have no desire to move back to VA in the slightest. I guess what will be, will be.

I posted new shoes on etsy today, and these are my absolute favorite:

click here to find them here in my shop

I just love the way they look, and I knew when I was making them they were going to look stunning. Funny enough though, no one has hearted them, and I love them so much I would marry them!

I sent an application in for my BFF to The Bachelorette, how funny is that! It amused me, and I think she would be great on the show!

Well, I am off to go make a new pair of baby boots, I have had this idea swirling in my head for a few days now.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Football Sunday!

Well THE PATRIOTS won -- yipeee, I do so love it when my boys kick butt, and they did just that today. I am a huge Pats fan and watch them every week. I have my teams I love to hate of course, (The Jets, The Colts, The Steelers) and I have a few others I really like (The Browns, The Bengals, The Raiders) and I get to watch football 3 times a week now!

I listed a new pair of baby shoes today, Christmas boots, in fact. They are very cute, and I wish I had someone to model them on, but alas, my 21 month olds feet are way too big!

My daughter got home from CA, her band came 2nd, none of the kids really cared, they just wanted to go to 6 flags today! she came home in a very sullen mood, and hid herself away in her bedroom, so much for her missing her family!

The baby had a HUGE nap today, he got up at 6pm, *sigh* which means he will still be running around the house at midnight. Its kind of a catch 22, if I had tried to wake him earlier he would have been really grumpy and miserable, and life would have been horrid, but now, its still horrid because I am tired and he is not.

Well, off to make a little pair of white slippers.

Good night blog!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy Day

Today was such a crazy day, and now its 11.30pm and I should go to bed because I have been tired since 7pm, but I am trying to be productive -- I did make one baby shoe, I will finish the other tomorrow.

We started off our day dropping off our 15 yr old and 12 yr old at school. The 15 yr old was on her way to Diablo, CA for a huge marching band competition, we wont see her till Sunday at 7.30 pm, because a kind business man paid for all the kids in her band to go to 6 Flags on their way home from CA. Diablo is a 4 hr ride from here, I am sure they were grumpy when they got their!

Our #1 son -- 12 yrs old-- had rehearsals for his school play -- "The NitWits." -- Now, I have to tell you, his school is odd, because it goes from 7th grade to 12th grade, so he is always involved in things with 12th graders. Thankfully, the drama crowd are quite sensible, and thus far have not led him too far astray!

We picked him up at noon, had a quick lunch, then at 1pm we had to drop him off for Willy Wonka rehearsals. He is playing Mr. Beauregard in a $100,000 stage production which goes up Dec 10th - 15th.

Hubby and I then hit a whole bunch of stores, and managed to get groceries done all before we picked #1 son up at 4pm. I had really hoped to get home so we could photograph the pieces for our etsy store. I have been trying to photograph them for 3 days now! Corsets are so difficult to capture without putting them on a dress form -- which we don't have yet.

#2 and #3 son's had a rough day not wanting to cooperate when we were out and about, ah well, they are only little, and most of the time when they don't want to listen its because they are tired and could do with a big long nap! (couldn't we all!)

I hope tomorrow is a quieter day -- although -- The Patriots play The Bills at 10am(Pacific) and if we lose, our house is going to be very somber!

Friday, November 7, 2008


This is our little workspace. We secretly share it with the garden pixies and elf's that wander in when we are snuggled up in bed. They play with my scissors and fabric, and when I wake up in the morning I find a lovely trail of wee mushroom shoes left behind!

When I took this snap I managed to capture Mr. Mushroom hard at work on a denim corset, complete with a hand stitched "naked mushroom" emblem on its snazzy little pocket. It's very cute, and whimsy, and will be up in the shop soon!

It really is hard to find space in our cozy little nook for our creative room, 4 kids take up space you know, so, since our Master Bedroom was big enough, that's where we moved our little studio -- its way too cold in the garage now!

We have a Sewing table, and my pretty painting table which I covered in a lovely Autumn Tablecloth -- Our little munchkins like to climb on up on to the folding chairs and sit and paint while we work.

One day I would like to have a studio set off all on its own down a garden path and nestled between beautiful trees -- I hope the pixies and elf's will be able to find me their!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The beginning

Well, every blog has to start somewhere, and this is the beginning for this new place to do my show and tell!

I need to spend some time filling in the blanks so that you guys have something interesting to read if you pop over here to see what I am up to.

I shall leave you with this:

If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools-- Katherine Mansfield