Friday, November 7, 2008


This is our little workspace. We secretly share it with the garden pixies and elf's that wander in when we are snuggled up in bed. They play with my scissors and fabric, and when I wake up in the morning I find a lovely trail of wee mushroom shoes left behind!

When I took this snap I managed to capture Mr. Mushroom hard at work on a denim corset, complete with a hand stitched "naked mushroom" emblem on its snazzy little pocket. It's very cute, and whimsy, and will be up in the shop soon!

It really is hard to find space in our cozy little nook for our creative room, 4 kids take up space you know, so, since our Master Bedroom was big enough, that's where we moved our little studio -- its way too cold in the garage now!

We have a Sewing table, and my pretty painting table which I covered in a lovely Autumn Tablecloth -- Our little munchkins like to climb on up on to the folding chairs and sit and paint while we work.

One day I would like to have a studio set off all on its own down a garden path and nestled between beautiful trees -- I hope the pixies and elf's will be able to find me their!


Meekiyu said...

he looks so hard at work lolol... I love your little space... it's cozy and way bigger then my tiny computer desk lolol...

The Naked Mushroom said...

Yes, he is always hard at work! He got laid off from work 3 weeks ago, so now I am pushing him to be creative and constructive!