Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy Day

Today was such a crazy day, and now its 11.30pm and I should go to bed because I have been tired since 7pm, but I am trying to be productive -- I did make one baby shoe, I will finish the other tomorrow.

We started off our day dropping off our 15 yr old and 12 yr old at school. The 15 yr old was on her way to Diablo, CA for a huge marching band competition, we wont see her till Sunday at 7.30 pm, because a kind business man paid for all the kids in her band to go to 6 Flags on their way home from CA. Diablo is a 4 hr ride from here, I am sure they were grumpy when they got their!

Our #1 son -- 12 yrs old-- had rehearsals for his school play -- "The NitWits." -- Now, I have to tell you, his school is odd, because it goes from 7th grade to 12th grade, so he is always involved in things with 12th graders. Thankfully, the drama crowd are quite sensible, and thus far have not led him too far astray!

We picked him up at noon, had a quick lunch, then at 1pm we had to drop him off for Willy Wonka rehearsals. He is playing Mr. Beauregard in a $100,000 stage production which goes up Dec 10th - 15th.

Hubby and I then hit a whole bunch of stores, and managed to get groceries done all before we picked #1 son up at 4pm. I had really hoped to get home so we could photograph the pieces for our etsy store. I have been trying to photograph them for 3 days now! Corsets are so difficult to capture without putting them on a dress form -- which we don't have yet.

#2 and #3 son's had a rough day not wanting to cooperate when we were out and about, ah well, they are only little, and most of the time when they don't want to listen its because they are tired and could do with a big long nap! (couldn't we all!)

I hope tomorrow is a quieter day -- although -- The Patriots play The Bills at 10am(Pacific) and if we lose, our house is going to be very somber!