Sunday, November 9, 2008

Football Sunday!

Well THE PATRIOTS won -- yipeee, I do so love it when my boys kick butt, and they did just that today. I am a huge Pats fan and watch them every week. I have my teams I love to hate of course, (The Jets, The Colts, The Steelers) and I have a few others I really like (The Browns, The Bengals, The Raiders) and I get to watch football 3 times a week now!

I listed a new pair of baby shoes today, Christmas boots, in fact. They are very cute, and I wish I had someone to model them on, but alas, my 21 month olds feet are way too big!

My daughter got home from CA, her band came 2nd, none of the kids really cared, they just wanted to go to 6 flags today! she came home in a very sullen mood, and hid herself away in her bedroom, so much for her missing her family!

The baby had a HUGE nap today, he got up at 6pm, *sigh* which means he will still be running around the house at midnight. Its kind of a catch 22, if I had tried to wake him earlier he would have been really grumpy and miserable, and life would have been horrid, but now, its still horrid because I am tired and he is not.

Well, off to make a little pair of white slippers.

Good night blog!


Meekiyu said...

I'm sure I commented before on how cute those shoes are and I'll do it again... those shoes are C to the U to the T to the E... C-U-T-E... lolol... 2nd place that's pretty darn good... I don't miss my little brothers weird sleeping times when he was tiny tiny...

hope you get more rest =D