Sunday, December 28, 2008

Its a BIG Day!!

So, my beloved New England Patriots are playing today to try and get in to the playoff's. Its tense in my house, VERY tense!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not a FP Virgin Any More!!!

I made the FP this morning -- I was super excited, and got a lot of convos from folk letting me know -- it was like Christmas had come early for a while.

Here is the FP :

The treasury was created by a lovely lady name Taylor from Taylorseclectic I was so happy to be part of her treasury, and thrilled that it made the FP!

I did not get any sales from the exposure, the treasury was only on the FP for 20 mins, but I did get a ton of views and hearts, as well as individual item hearts : )

Thank you Taylor!!

Now I can't wait to be on the FP again!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Football Sunday

I love Sunday, I love watching football with my family, yelling and screaming at the TV, cheering and clapping, or getting crazy mad when things don't go my teams way! (I am a Pats fan)

Today we did really well, we beat the Cardinals, and now, next week will be the fight to the death to see who wins the division, or the wild card spot and go to the play offs!!!

Yesterday my husband poured resin on a bunch of pendants I made from polymer clay with transfers. I made them for my best friends daughter for Christmas, they all have a Twilight theme, since she is crazy for the movie!

They were out in the garage, and the resin didn't cure as quick as it normally does -- 24 hours -- and they are still a little sticky, I am hoping its just from being in a freezing cold garage, so, time will tell, and I pray they harden, and set, because I really don't want to have to do them all again!

My mum flies in tomorrow, she arrives around 10pm, I am super excited : )

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka takes a bow as he enters for the first time to welcome the lucky winners to his factory.

Wow, what a crazy, crazy show! All in all they spent over $100,000 on this production. The best part about the whole thing is that it is done on a professional stage, with a professional tech crew, and professional orchestra. The Grand Sierra's stage is in the Guinness book of world records because it is the biggest stage in the world, it is over an acre in size!! They also had the longest running musical perform there "Hello Hollywood, Hello. " ((google it, its very interesting))

This yr they hired "Flying by Foy" to come in and fly Grampa Joe and Charlie during the fizzy lifting drink scene -- it was really cool, along with the bubble machines and crazy lights. I think it was the kids favourite part.

The kids also really liked the waterfall, it was 50ft tall and pumped 14, 000 gallons of water per minute, it came down over 3 levels, under a bridge, and there was a grate in the floor of the stage that the water ran in to and back in to the holding tank. There were two waterfalls (we only used one) and they were built for "Hello Hollywood, Hello" -- our show was the last time they are ever going to be used, and now they are tearing them apart, because they are removing part of the stage so they can book bigger acts (like cher -- yuck!) -- such a shame : (

Anyway, my son played Mr. Beauregarde (violet the gum chewers father) (he is wearing the black hat)

My daughter was a Pink Candy Lady( they drive the pink candy boat) -- my son was in the Saturday cast (it was double cast) and my daughter ended up doing every show (11 all together -- she was pooped!) They had over 13,000 kids come to school shows, and the two public performances were pretty busy too.

My daughter is stood next to Charlie Bucket

My husband and I built a lot of candy, the narrotors over sized book, 5 light up golden tickets, painted a backdrop for the candy cart and made the HUGE candy boat (it was 15 ft long)

Yep, the wheel on the back actually span around, and on the other side there were UV painted Skull and cross bones : )

It's been a loooonnnngggg Time!!

I have looked at my blog everyday and intended to write in it, but, always ended up getting distracted and putting it off! PHEW, so much to do and so little time to do it all in! Well, it's 4.39am, and I figured why not post a lil sumthin sumthin!

Things have been busy for me of late. I have sold 7 items in the last 4 weeks between etsy and 1000markets. I know 7 isn't a whole lot, but to me its fantastic! I am super excited, because my last etsy store I had, selling hats and my art work, didn't do much of anything really, and it was a terrible feeling, like I was a failure, now I feel good about where I am and what I am doing! The other night I had 2 orders that had to be shipped out the next day, can you say PRESSURE, and they were the BIG FOOT kids shoes, which are time consuming. I did enjoy the feeling though, of being on a time line and having to get work done, it was nice to feel "important" for a while, ha ha.

My husband wants to really push etsy and 1000markets and see if we can turn it in to something we could make a living at doing. Of course, we need to hit on "that one idea" that will explode and take off. We talked about how marvellous it would be to be a cottage industry and he be home all day helping with the kids and working side by side -- I said I wanted my own little studio at the bottom of the garden though, so I actually would feel like i was "going to work!" He want to make soap -- arggghhhhh.

I want to blog about my whole Willy Wonka experience which finished Tuesday. I have pic's to post of the prop items we made, and of the show. It was a HUGE production, complete with a 50ft waterfall that pumped 14,000 gallons of water per second, it was the chocolate river, very cool!

Till later, and I PROMISE I will blog again today about the show.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, a Birthday, odds and ends

TURKEY DAY! We had our friends over for dinner, being from New Zeland, they had never had Thanksgiving dinner before. We sat and watched the Macy's parade, and then played some Cranium (what a hoot that was!) while we waited for all the food to cook.

I cooked a 22lb turkey. He was delicious, and since I always cook my birds upside down, the meat was very moist and juicy!

I made: mash potatoes, stuffing, roast parsnips, butternut squash, candied yams, carrots, green beans, whipped cream with fruit(yes, my husband eats it with his turkey) and cranberry sauce and gravy. We had sooooo much food! *EDITED NOTE* I also made bread sauce, to go with the turkey, I love me some bread sauce!

This is my friends plate. I love my dinnerware, but the plates are huge, and one always seems to load it up, and before you know it, you have food enough for two! We made 2 pumpkin pies, and a dutch apple pie.

Later that evening I made hot turkey sandwiches for everyone.

Saturday was my sons 13th birthday. He was up at 6am, all ready to go (normally he sleeps late) to open all the cards he received from his relatives. My poor husband had to trail around to 7 shops looking for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Eventually they came back with the game that contains one guitar, and it happily enough, it came with a bonus guitar, but, no drums or microphone. THEN, we discovered the fact that the drums and the mic from Rock Band (which the kids got last year for Christmas) work with Guitar Hero World Tour: SWEET! so, we jammed all night. Whats cool about Guitar Hero is, 4 people can play AND the songs are more recognizable. Rock Band has too many songs I have never heard of! (I will post pics next time)

I made these shoes. I have yet to post them in my store, I need to take more pics, because I don't have any of the intricate branches that weave around the back of the shoe. These took me a REALLY long time, because, the owl has 5 pieces I hand cut, hand sewed, and then assembled together, to give a 3D effect.