Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's been a loooonnnngggg Time!!

I have looked at my blog everyday and intended to write in it, but, always ended up getting distracted and putting it off! PHEW, so much to do and so little time to do it all in! Well, it's 4.39am, and I figured why not post a lil sumthin sumthin!

Things have been busy for me of late. I have sold 7 items in the last 4 weeks between etsy and 1000markets. I know 7 isn't a whole lot, but to me its fantastic! I am super excited, because my last etsy store I had, selling hats and my art work, didn't do much of anything really, and it was a terrible feeling, like I was a failure, now I feel good about where I am and what I am doing! The other night I had 2 orders that had to be shipped out the next day, can you say PRESSURE, and they were the BIG FOOT kids shoes, which are time consuming. I did enjoy the feeling though, of being on a time line and having to get work done, it was nice to feel "important" for a while, ha ha.

My husband wants to really push etsy and 1000markets and see if we can turn it in to something we could make a living at doing. Of course, we need to hit on "that one idea" that will explode and take off. We talked about how marvellous it would be to be a cottage industry and he be home all day helping with the kids and working side by side -- I said I wanted my own little studio at the bottom of the garden though, so I actually would feel like i was "going to work!" He want to make soap -- arggghhhhh.

I want to blog about my whole Willy Wonka experience which finished Tuesday. I have pic's to post of the prop items we made, and of the show. It was a HUGE production, complete with a 50ft waterfall that pumped 14,000 gallons of water per second, it was the chocolate river, very cool!

Till later, and I PROMISE I will blog again today about the show.