Saturday, December 20, 2008

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka takes a bow as he enters for the first time to welcome the lucky winners to his factory.

Wow, what a crazy, crazy show! All in all they spent over $100,000 on this production. The best part about the whole thing is that it is done on a professional stage, with a professional tech crew, and professional orchestra. The Grand Sierra's stage is in the Guinness book of world records because it is the biggest stage in the world, it is over an acre in size!! They also had the longest running musical perform there "Hello Hollywood, Hello. " ((google it, its very interesting))

This yr they hired "Flying by Foy" to come in and fly Grampa Joe and Charlie during the fizzy lifting drink scene -- it was really cool, along with the bubble machines and crazy lights. I think it was the kids favourite part.

The kids also really liked the waterfall, it was 50ft tall and pumped 14, 000 gallons of water per minute, it came down over 3 levels, under a bridge, and there was a grate in the floor of the stage that the water ran in to and back in to the holding tank. There were two waterfalls (we only used one) and they were built for "Hello Hollywood, Hello" -- our show was the last time they are ever going to be used, and now they are tearing them apart, because they are removing part of the stage so they can book bigger acts (like cher -- yuck!) -- such a shame : (

Anyway, my son played Mr. Beauregarde (violet the gum chewers father) (he is wearing the black hat)

My daughter was a Pink Candy Lady( they drive the pink candy boat) -- my son was in the Saturday cast (it was double cast) and my daughter ended up doing every show (11 all together -- she was pooped!) They had over 13,000 kids come to school shows, and the two public performances were pretty busy too.

My daughter is stood next to Charlie Bucket

My husband and I built a lot of candy, the narrotors over sized book, 5 light up golden tickets, painted a backdrop for the candy cart and made the HUGE candy boat (it was 15 ft long)

Yep, the wheel on the back actually span around, and on the other side there were UV painted Skull and cross bones : )


Meekiyu said...

WOW... that's really awesome! The props and costumes look wonderful... love the boat! Sounds so impressive, never been in a play before and I bet the kids were great actors and actresses! =D