Sunday, December 21, 2008

Football Sunday

I love Sunday, I love watching football with my family, yelling and screaming at the TV, cheering and clapping, or getting crazy mad when things don't go my teams way! (I am a Pats fan)

Today we did really well, we beat the Cardinals, and now, next week will be the fight to the death to see who wins the division, or the wild card spot and go to the play offs!!!

Yesterday my husband poured resin on a bunch of pendants I made from polymer clay with transfers. I made them for my best friends daughter for Christmas, they all have a Twilight theme, since she is crazy for the movie!

They were out in the garage, and the resin didn't cure as quick as it normally does -- 24 hours -- and they are still a little sticky, I am hoping its just from being in a freezing cold garage, so, time will tell, and I pray they harden, and set, because I really don't want to have to do them all again!

My mum flies in tomorrow, she arrives around 10pm, I am super excited : )