Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been so busy I have neglected this lil ol blog!

All this week I have been job hunting for my hubby like crazy! It has been a thankless task. You sit and fill out form after form, some of which take like 10 mins a piece, only to never hear from them again! Ah well, I am sure something will turn up soon -- it HAS to!

Wednesday I delivered $7,000 worth of Pizza to people. Willy Wonka show did a fundraiser to pay for people to come in from Vegas and fly Charlie and Grandpa Joe during the fizzy lifting drink scene. It was crazy, the amount of folk who forgot they had to come pick up their orders, and the abuse I got was astonishing! Well, I figured it would happen, people always shoot the messenger! I delieved the last lot of things today (sunday!)

Friday night we wernt and watched my daughters High Schools football team play, it was the 1st round of the play offs, and the first time in the 4 yrs the school has been open that they made it, and guess what, they WON. we had an awesome time, my daughter played in the band and they kept the crowd and the teams spirits high. It was so much fun to stand up and yell and holler! We will probably go to the next play off game this coming Saturday afternoon!

I made it in to 2 treasuries this weekend, I need to post pics. Thus far my sales are still at ZERO!

I finished working on a bigger sized mushroom boot tonight, but, the baby is sleeping, so I am not going to wake him up right now to try it on, we shall see how it fits in the morning.

I joined twitter last week, that was new, as well as 1000 Markets. You can find me there at . I think I like it better than etsy. It has fewer shops so less competition right now, and I got in on the bottom floor, which means you are more memorable! I have noticed tons of new selling sites opening up! 1000 markets is super friendly and the CEO's are always on hand to answer questions! Quite the personal touch!

Tomorrow I promise to put up some new pics, and to list at least one new "somethin" in my shop. This week we are building:
The Pink Candy boat (Wonkatania)
The Candy Mans Candy Truck
5 light up Golden Tickets
1 extremly oversized narrators book
Sugar sacks, cocoa bean sacks, flour sacks.

I will post pics as we go along.


formfireglassworks said...

Great new shop! People are weird about orders....

The Naked Mushroom said...

yes, people are odd -- they order $300 of pizza and stuff, then neglect to come get it -- go figure!