Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not much of anything doing today. I made a little pair of winter wonderland snow boots. Very simple, but I liked how they looked with no adornments. Cleaned, did laundry, and managed to watch Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull while I sewed and the baby took a nap.

My sons play last night was fantastic, it was so funny, and my son got a round of applause when he ;left the stage. He just had a cameo role, but he managed to ham it up and make the most of the 10 lines he had! I was a very proud Mum! Sadly, we were not allowed to take pics, maybe when i go again on Saturday I can snag some after the show is done.

I was in another treasury today, this one was curated by INeedThat and is a lovely collection of people from Twitter! I really like Twitter a lot, I twitter on and off all day long about random things, and the part I like best is looking at other folks work and giving little thoughts of what might work better. Please take a min and visit INeeedThat in her shop!

Tonight I think I am going to clean up and try and relax and watch some TV. I have been a nervous wreck all day waiting for my pediatrician to call, but, alas she has not. I am guessing she is not too worried if I have not heard from her by now.


Meekiyu said...

congrats on the treasury! I think those simple booties are adorable! I like the baby blue thread... how's bout a baby pink one? lolol... grats on your son's play sounds like a born comedian =P