Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy day, Busy Night

A friend came for lunch today. I made homemade potato, leek, bacon and cheese soup, it was yummy. My friend is from New Zeland, so a lot of her culture is very similar to mine (I am from the UK) and its fun to be able to talk about things we both know/understand.

My son is in a play, it opens tonight, he plays the role of The Policeman in "The Nitwits," he is a fine young actor, and has a lot of potential. He is turning 13 on the 29th of this month, and growing like a weed, but his high pitched voice is very amusing. My BFF from Maine called today and thought she was talking to my daughter, but it was my oldest son! Too funny!

I started a little pair of Christmas Slippers for girls last night, maybe I will be able to work on them when I get back from Opening Night.

I found myself in some more treasuries that I would like to show you and share with you the lovely folk who put me in them.

I love the red of this treasury, it all pops, and the best thing is it is filled with undiscovered shops. The kind person who picked this is SpiceofLifeDesigns, she has a lovely shop too, so please make sure to pop by and visit it!
This one was curated by Bipsy and is fresh and exciting, and has a multitude of bright colours, and it makes me remember the warm days of summer. Please check out her shop for fun and quirk items!
This one was curated by one of my fav people -- and I have a few -- on etsy, HAREandDRUM, she has the most wonderful collection of items for sale, with paper and wood, and a by-gone-era feel to them. Please stop and take a peek you will not be disappointed that you did!

It is so exciting for me to be in so many treasuries of late. My old shop really did not take off, and I never really felt a part of etsy, this time around, however, I making friends with some really great, good quality people, I enjoy their company, and listening to them twitter about their day.

I am enjoying 1000markets immensely and the vibe it has, its a wonderful community, and I really believe its going to take off and FLY!

Well, I have to go eat and get ready to go to the show, I am super excited, I will blog about it tomorrow.


HareAndDrum said...

Love your description of my shop :) Congratulations on the treasuries, your items are so pretty and very well photographed!

Leelinau said...

wow, you are in lots of Treasury's congrats!

Such cute work ^_^

The Naked Mushroom said...

I KNOW! I am shocked. My other shop got like 2 treasuries, so, this is all very exciting, now if only I could sell some things!