Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Direction for The Naked Mushroom

With the fast approach of Feb 10th and the new laws concerning children's products and lead, I have been working hard with my husband to come up with a new collection to sell via my online venues.

We have always been fans of working with resin, so we decided to create some upscale resin jewelry that doesn't break the bank. After much research we discovered the average price for a resin ring is around $85, so we decided $40 was a good price point, after all, a lot of work goes in to these little beauties so we don't want to sell ourselves short either.

The Process: First we create our own molds, this is no easy task, and currently resin ring molds are not available for purchase. Then we mix and pour resin tinted with our own colours, we then wait for the magic to happen. Once the resin has cured, the hardest part takes place, each ring has to be meticulously sanded and shaped, then hours of polishing ensue.

The first piece we are offering online for sale is Baby Pink and Chocolate Brown:

You can find this ring for sale at this location.

Please also find Sunset in our shop:

We are very proud of this work as resin is no easy thing to work with. In the coming weeks we will be adding many more rings, in different sizes, to our collection, so please check back often.