Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The ULTIMATE Valentine Card Bought From Etsy!

Just before I left Reno for my long trek across the USA to Maine, I received a Valentine days card in the mail.

At first, when my kids came running in with it (ages 15 and 13) I had no idea who it was from. They were giggling and laughing and trying to figure out just who was sending us a card. You see, the envelope had no name on the front just an address, so who it was for was anyone's guess!

My mind did not even put 2 and 2 together even when looking at the return address. The kids were in a quandary, so, I ripped open the envelope as fast as I could, and lo and behold I instantly realized WHO my secret Valentine was!!

This is the card I got in the mail, purchased from Etsy and sent to me by LethargicLass who I met via etsy. LL (as we call her) has become a very dear friend of mine, and this card has been something a group of us have been discussing for quite sometime now. You see, we could not decide WHO was going to buy the card and who was going to receive it, we were all in such AWE over the magnificence of it!

So, I turned out to be the lucky one, as LL wanted to send it to me to cheer me up as she knew I was going on a long trip across the USA and was very sad about it. WinterPanda, OBTP, PinkFlowerCube, EchosArt have decided instead of traveling Pants, we are going to have a travelling card, and thusly, soon I must send it on to someone else in the group to enjoy!

Here is a pic of the delightful message written inside:

The whole thing is written with glitter glue, and is very sparkly!! Even the envelope was written completly in glitter glue! Im actually surprised my mail man could figure out exactly what it said in order to get my precious to me : )

Here is Mr. ferris enjoying the card and modelling it for me:

So, there you have it.

A magnificent Valentine Days Card, sent to me, by LL, bought from ETSY and created by a very special ETSY seller!


WinterPanda said...

haha! I'm so happy you posted this! Ferris is ADORABLE! ^_^

pinkflowercube said...

That is AMAZING. You're the first to receive the "therefore, one of a kind" card. WOOO!!!

Hi Ferris!!!!

Terri said...

LOL...Because of this card seller we had one hell of a Saturday night!! Can't wait to receive the traveling card in the mail someday!

That's mabi evan if Ferris will part with it, he looks pretty attached and cute!!

Andrea said...

That is a hilarious story and I marvel once again at the power of the internet in bringing total strangers together!